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What this service includes:
  • Name, address, phone number, status, and admission date of practising lawyers of the Law Society of New Brunswick and the students-at-law registered with the LSNB.
  • Status explanation
What this service does not include:
  • Contact information for non-practising, retired, suspended, disbarred, or former members of the Law Society of New Brunswick.
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The information contained in this Website is provided to the Society by the member. It is each member's legal responsibility to make sure the information is valid and up-to-date. Members can update their contact information by advising our Membership Coordinator through our
change of address form.

Privacy Statement
This service is provided to members of the legal profession and public to search for individual lawyers they may wish to contact on a professional basis or to verify their status. The information is not to be used for any commercial, marketing or fundraising purposes.